Corporate Events

Abrasive Technology Trade Show

Apex Event Production installed black drapes, multiple televisions and a lot of wireless up lighting for a trade show at Abrasive Technology Inc. We provided all the power cords for the televisions and connected the televisions to their computers with HDMI connections.

St Charles Preparatory AV

We installed audio and video equipment for a St. Charles Preparatory presentation. We had a live audio engineer and video technician on site to control the microphones, music and videos on the televisions.

Fintech71 Showcase Gala

We helped Fintech71 with their showcase gala at the Huntington building in downtown Columbus, Ohio. We installed a stage, a podium and podium microphone, a wireless microphone, a projector, a projector screen and back drop drapes for the presentations. We also ran power to 24 monitors and tables for the new startup companies display booths.

During the event we had a sound engineer control the audio for the presentations and music before and after the event. We also had a video engineer control a video switcher to help change between the different power point presentations for all the new companies presenting.

Performance Academies Training Seminar

Our video technicians installed a series of projectors, projectors screens and televisions at an elementary school in Columbus, Ohio for a training seminar. In the main training space we set up two projectors and screens that were installed to display the same presentation from one computer. We also set up two TV’s on truss to display a live feed from another computer. In the remaining three rooms we set up a projector and a screen for more presentations. Lastly there was a small sound package and podium installed for the presenter in the main event space.

OSU College of Engineering Alumni Awards Ceremony

We set up a stage, microphones, speakers, hung lights from the ceiling, televisions, and installed two gobo lights with a customized image for the OSU College of Engineering at the Ivory Room in Columbus, Ohio. During the alumni awards ceremony we had an audio engineer control the audio levels of the speakers and microphones during the presentations. We also had a video engineer run a video switcher and control the power point presentation that appeared on the televisions to help the audience follow along with the presentations.

Abrasive Technology Holiday Party

We installed snowflake gobos, uplighting and white drapes for a holiday party in central Ohio. Our lighting technicians were able to cover every wall with a variety of stationary and moving snowflakes as well as set up red and green uplights to enhance the holiday spirit. They also installed lights on the ceiling above the tables in the gambling area.

Back To The Block Summer Concert

Our stagehand crew, lighting technicians and audio engineers all worked together to help the CULYP organization plan a benefit block party and concert. We installed a stage with rails, stage steps and a tent top. Our lighting technicians installed lights along the top front of the stage to help light up the DJ’s, speakers and performers. Then our audio engineers set up the audio equipment for the event and assisted with controlling the sound levels for the event with an audio mixer. This block party concert turned out fantastic!