Special Events

Peeps Tree

The Peeps Tree was created for a local design company and produced for the Peeps Store located near Washington DC. The tree was constructed of a metal structure and was then lined with thousands of peeps.

Ohio State University Holiday Event

We transformed an already brilliant space into a mind blowing experience using 16′ preserved palm trees wrapped in lights. These along with the other eye stimulating hanging pieces created a one of a kind space inside. We then created an intimate and warm atmosphere outside using bistro lighting hung overhead for a perfect touch an evening around the fire.

Columbus International Airport Airline Reveal

We helped the John Glenn Columbus International Airport reveal that Spirit Airlines will begin service. We attached the drapes to wheels so we could wheel the drapes out of the way to reveal the Spirit Airlines banner.

Inaugural Ball 2011

This event was an inaugural event for Governor John Kasich. We used gobos to help make an interesting atmosphere for the guests. We also had full stage lighting, audio and dual projection screens for the huge Ballroom in the Ohio Union.

MCLars and Koo Koo Kanga Roo Concert

Apex Event Production set up the audio equipment for the MCLars and Koo Koo Kanga Roo concert at the Gray Chapel Auditorium at Ohio Wesleyan University. We installed speakers in the front corners of the stage and several speakers in the front center. We also had a sound engineer controlling a sound board from the upstairs balcony during the show. Our sound engineer also assisted the performers with audio checks before the show.

Lincoln Dinner 2014

This event was held at the (then new) Hilton located in downtown Columbus Ohio. Space limitations because of guest attendance forced us to rig all of the lighting for the stage wash as well as the decor lighting in the space. We also used two large projectors and screens along with IMAG and video playback for the guests to enjoy.

DeWine and Husted Special Campaign Announcement

We helped Mike DeWine and Jon Husted with their campaign announcement for Ohio governor. We installed a speaker, wireless microphones, drapes and a press box for all the new stations cameras. We also had an audio engineer work the event and help control audio levels and feedback while the candidates where speaking.

Rowe Fashion Show 2013

We used the existing structure of the Ivory Room to hang our bistro lighting to help create a runway for the fashion show. We also used string drape to shine the Rowe logo on, so it would be visible from the front of the runway.