Apex Has All The Sound Equipment You Need

rent sound equipment in columbus ohio at apex event production

Apex Event Production has a full line of sound equipment available for rent. Our sound equipment can be used for many different events. Our audio engineers have experience installing sound equipment for weddings, press conferences, live events, large scale nonprofit events, corporate events and much more.

Speakers: We have a large assortment of speakers. We can help you with the audio for small events such as birthday parties, and large events of 10,000+ people like a fundraiser. If you need help deciding on speakers that would be right for your event send us a message online.

Microphones: Wireless mics, handheld mics, table mics, podium mics, headset mics and many more mics. Lets just say we have a lot of styles of mics.

Mixers: Mixers help control the audio levels for multiple pieces of sound equipment. We have multiple mixers and our audio engineers can help run a mixer during your event for you.

Other sound equipment: Apex also has an array of equalizers, feedback suppressors, power conditioners, press boxes and much more sound equipment available for rent in Ohio.

If you are interested in learning more about our other equipment or would like to reserve any of our other sound equipment for your event please call 614.619.3409 to speak with an audio engineer or click here to send us a message online. We can also able help recommend sound equipment based on the amount of people attending the event and depending on the size and make of the venue. You can find photos of our sound equipment installed at a variety of events on our blog and on our portfolio gallery.