Squire Patton Boggs Audio

We set up white up lighting, speakers, a mixer and wireless microphones at an event in Columbus, Ohio. An audio technician ran the mixer board and controlled the microphone audio levels during the event.

Home Reveal Audio and Video

We did a live video recording and broadcast of a home makeover reveal in central Ohio. Our video technician followed the new home owners around the house filming their reactions. The recording was live broadcasted onto four televisions we installed for everyone outside the house. Our audio engineer ran a mixer and control the audio levels of our speakers and the wireless lavaliere microphones clipped onto the new homeowners.

Brighten Up Your Holiday Party with Lights

Here at Apex Event Production in Columbus, Ohio we have many different types of lights that can brighten your holiday party space. There is bistro lighting, up lighting and gobos that can create the perfect mood you are looking for. Apex Event Production has experience installing lights for Christmas parties,...

The Boat House Lights and Drape

Our lighting technicians set up some backdrop drapes and stage lights for an event at the Boat House in Columbus, Ohio. The drapes used are called black velour. The lights used are Par Cans and were hooked up to rotary dimmers so the level of brightness could be adjusted.

Aqua Ohio Video Seminar Series

We installed a series of televisions, microphones and speakers at three different locations in Columbus, Ohio for a video seminar.

Westerville Library Wizards & Wands Event

We set up a variety of lights, sound and video equipment for an event at a library in Columbus, Ohio. Outside we hung bistro lights along the walkway and set up some outdoor lighting to light up the banners. We put several stage lights with gobos to make the ceiling look like the night sky and one with a dragon. Set up a projector and a projector screen for the Harry Potter movies, and installed audio equipment for a band.

Indoor Wedding Bistro Lights

We set up white bistro lights for a wedding at a country club in Columbus, Ohio. We were able to hang the lights from the ceiling with special ceiling clips.

American Heart Association Audio

We set up speakers, lavaliere microphones, a mixer and provided several director chairs for a meet and greet fundraising event in Columbus, Ohio. We also had an audio engineer on site during the event to run the audio equipment and control sound levels.

Out of the Closet Fashion Show Lights

Our lighting technicians installed stage lights and a spot light for a fashion show in downtown Columbus, Ohio. The lights were hooked up to a wireless control board for easy controlling and dimming effects. One light was used as a spot light for the center of the runway.

Fifth Third Video Presentation

Our technicians set up a variety of audio and video equipment for a video presentation. They also set the microphone levels for the presenters during the presentation. A video technician used a video switcher to switch between the presentation and videos.

Tailgate Truss Structure

We installed truss for a tailgate in Westerville, Ohio and on the Ohio State University campus.

LaCroix Installation

Our technicians built and installed a portable wall for a LaCroix exhibit in the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The wall had two sides and was 8 feet tall by 8 feet wide.