2018 Events

Pipe and Drape at the Bluestone

Our technicians installed our pipe and drapes for a Blue Jackets event at the Bluestone in Columbus, Ohio. We put our white banjo drapes along the walls of the tent and also installed extra pipes for the photo backdrops.

Westerville Library Wizards & Wands Event

We set up a variety of lights, sound and video equipment for an event at a library in Columbus, Ohio. Outside we hung bistro lights along the walkway and set up some outdoor lighting to light up the banners. We put several stage lights with gobos to make the ceiling look like the night sky and one with a dragon. Set up a projector and a projector screen for the Harry Potter movies, and installed audio equipment for a band.

She Believes Cup Lighting

The lighting technicians and stagehand technicians at Apex Event Production installed truss and lights for the She Believes Cup at Mapfre Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. The lights were programmed to display red, white and blue colors over the entry way the soccer players used to enter to the field.

Darby House Rear View Video

Our video technicians installed a projector and rear viewing projector screen for an event at the Darby House in Columbus, Ohio. A mixer and feedback suppressor was also installed to help control the audio for our microphones and speakers. We also provided an acrylic podium.

The Boat House Lights and Drape

Our lighting technicians set up some backdrop drapes and stage lights for an event at the Boat House in Columbus, Ohio. The drapes used are called black velour. The lights used are Par Cans and were hooked up to rotary dimmers so the level of brightness could be adjusted.

Home Reveal Audio and Video

We did a live video recording and broadcast of a home makeover reveal in central Ohio. Our video technician followed the new home owners around the house filming their reactions. The recording was live broadcasted onto four televisions we installed for everyone outside the house. Our audio engineer ran a mixer and control the audio levels of our speakers and the wireless lavaliere microphones clipped onto the new homeowners.

Cosi Silk Road Exhibit

The technicians at Apex Event Production built a primitive wood fence and sand dunes for the new Silk Road exhibit at Cosi. The fence was constructed out of trees in which we sprayed to be fire proof. The sand dunes were made out of foam and covered in stucco for a sandy texture.

Ivory Room Audio

We installed a variety of audio equipment including speakers, subs, monitors, microphones and feedback suppressors for an event at the Ivory Room in Columbus, Ohio.

Greek Fest OSU

We installed lights above the DJ performing at the Greek Fest for the Ohio State University. Our lights were attached to a truss structure that was held in the air with our crank up towers. Our lighting technicians also set the lights to change color to the beat of the music.