Non Profits

Beaux Arts Spring Ball 2018

We provided the stage, lighting and audio equipment for the annual Beaux Arts Spring Ball in Lexington, Kentucky. Our stage was set up as a runway. Some of our lights were hung across the top of the stage using our truss and booms. Then our moving heads were installed at the back of the stage. A variety of our speakers and subs were used and set up across the stage and in front of the stage.

Go Red for Women 2012

This event was a challenge of putting form with function in the Hyatt Regency Ballroom in downtown Columbus Ohio. The decor in the lobby of the ballroom included large die-cut red dresses that match the Go Red for Women Logo. These logos were stretched across the lobby creating and eye catching design. In addition to the logos we helped create a great registration area and provided a small sound system to provide background music during the reception. The ballroom (which house 800+ people along with all of our equipment) is used for the luncheon portion of the event which had a panel of speakers discussing the different effects of heart disease and stroke. We bring the event to life with live IMAG and video playback for the guests to enjoy during their meal.

Derby Party

Our stagehand technicians and video technicians installed a variety of equipment for a Kentucky Derby Party at Genoa Park in Columbus, Ohio. Four televisions and a projector were attached to a truss structure above the bar. We also installed two stages, one for the band and another for the VIP section. Behind the stages we installed drapes and up lighting. We also provided red carpets, coffee tables, side tables, red rope stanchions and smaller televisions for the VIP section.

Heartball 2012

The American Heart Association challenged us with coming up with fun design to match their Alice in Wonderland theme. We created a photo opportunity for the guests to in the lobby of Battelle hall in the Columbus Convention Center. We used fun greenery and floral elements to help convey the theme. The Battelle Grand Ballroom was transformed utilizing “creepy” tree gobos lit in a pale green and lining the stage with a huge assortment of oversize chess pieces. This along with large projectors / screens and audio equipment created the perfect atmosphere for the event.

COSI Gala 2012

This event utilized a large projector and screen along with a ton of decor lighting. We also used giant 16′ preserved palm trees along with other silk palm trees to help create a “South Beach” feel.

COSI Imagination Celebration 2013

We created and “Old Hollywood” theme using a red carpet entrance with people greeting the guests for the evening. We also created a custom cage that set on the existing counters at COSI. The cage was used a decor the the guests to check out after the live auction.

Aids Walk 2015

This event was held at McPherson Park located across from Nationwide Arena. The park itself is very long so providing sound reinforcement for all to hear was difficult. We used our life array towers along with our JBL VRX system to spread the sound across the park. We also provided an secondary sound system for the runners and walkers to hear everything while at the starting line.

Heart Walk 2018

We installed audio and video equipment on stage for the American Heart Association event Heart Walk. We also built truss structures for the start and finish lines, hung banners for sponsors and set up the VIP area.