Memorial Golf Tournament 2018

We installed lights in the Golden Bear tent for the Memorial Golf tournament in Columbus, Ohio. We used a combination of stage lighting and LED lighting to light up the ceiling and entry ways. A lighting control board was programmed to control the stage lights and LED lights. We also installed rope light under the bar.

North Market Apron Gala Fundraiser

We installed all the audio equipment for a band, set up lights and built a stage for the Apron Gala fundraiser at the North Market in Columbus, Ohio. Our sound engineer ran audio for the band during the entire performance. We also had a lighting technician control the lights.

Keith Urban VIP Memorial Benefit Concert

Our lighting technicians installed lights for the VIP section at a memorial benefit concert at Express Live in Columbus, Ohio. We used a combination of Elars, stage lighting with gobo designs and moving heads on top of truss structures to bring the VIP area to life. Our video technicians also ran a line from inside the VIP area to the outside concert venue so a live feed of Keith Urban could air on the projector screens inside.

Motorist Building Lights

The lighting technicians at Apex Event Production installed blue lights at the Motorist building in downtown Columbus, Ohio for police week. Lights were installed in the atrium and on the roof.

Derby Party

Our stagehand technicians and video technicians installed a variety of equipment for a Kentucky Derby Party at Genoa Park in Columbus, Ohio. Four televisions and a projector were attached to a truss structure above the bar. We also installed two stages, one for the band and another for the VIP section. Behind the stages we installed drapes and up lighting. We also provided red carpets, coffee tables, side tables, red rope stanchions and smaller televisions for the VIP section.

Beaux Arts Spring Ball 2018

We provided the stage, lighting and audio equipment for the annual Beaux Arts Spring Ball in Lexington, Kentucky. Our stage was set up as a runway. Some of our lights were hung across the top of the stage using our truss and booms. Then our moving heads were installed at the back of the stage. A variety of our speakers and subs were used and set up across the stage and in front of the stage.

Johnny Appleseed Choir Convention

The lighting technicians at Apex Event Production installed 8 stage lights at the Johnny Appleseed spring contest and convention in central Ohio. The lights were used to light up the risers, a podium and a quartet area in front of the risers and were held up in the air using crank up towers. Our lighting technicians also installed special lighting devices to wireless send signal to the lights from a lighting control board.

Otterbein Alumni Awards

Our lighting technicians installed a variety of lights for the Alumni Award night at Otterbein University. Up lighting was installed all along the walls in the downstairs area and under the dessert tables. Small pin spot lights were also used to light up the floral display in the center of the room. Upstairs we used stage lighting to shine beautiful patterns on the ceiling. We also hung drapes, that were lined with elegant bistro lights, from the second floor ceiling to the first floor ceiling. Our lighting technicians programmed all the lights to be amber the first part of the night. The lights were then changed to red for the rest of the night.

Women’s NCAA Final Four

Our audio technicians installed speakers, subs, a mixer and a microphone for a DJ performing outside the Nationwide Arena for the Women's NCAA Final Four.

Greek Fest OSU

We installed lights above the DJ performing at the Greek Fest for the Ohio State University. Our lights were attached to a truss structure that was held in the air with our crank up towers. Our lighting technicians also set the lights to change color to the beat of the music.

Cosi Silk Road Exhibit

The technicians at Apex Event Production built a primitive wood fence and sand dunes for the new Silk Road exhibit at Cosi. The fence was constructed out of trees in which we sprayed to be fire proof. The sand dunes were made out of foam and covered in stucco for a sandy texture.

Culture Wars at Skully’s Music Diner

The music group Culture Wars used our lights for a concert at Skullys Music Diner in Columbus, Ohio. Culture Wars used our elars in the back of the stage and our slimpars were used as up lighting in the corners of the stage.